Top 20 NuGet caching Packages

Useful Types: Cache, DefaultCache, ICacheAdapter
Contains the core Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.1 application blocks: Caching; Data; Logging; and Exception Handling
SqlServer integration library for CacheCow EntityTagStore
Memoization is an optimization technique used primarily to speed up computer programs by having function calls avoid repeating the calculation of results for previously processed inputs. This library provides extension methods for the System.Func`1 group of delegates, allowing them to be memoized.
Memcached storage for HTTP caching in CacheCow library [Version 1.2 of Memcached server]
.NET Library for IronCache (
Fast distributed mirrored pool and striped cluster memory cache for .NET.
Samples for "SchwabenCode - MongoDBInfrastructure"
Azure Caching integration library for CacheCow EntityTagStore
Contains an implementation of Microsoft Enterprise Library Caching Block, BackingStore that uses the file system as storage
Azure Caching for CacheCow Client
Azure Caching for CacheCow
Server library for CacheCow
Leverage the Wired.Caching component in your MVC project
A library for simplifying access to in-memory data caching.
Extension to Strathweb CacheOutput WebApi2 for Microsoft AppFabric Distributed Caching
An elegant solution to an old problem: caching.
For people who like to work with Raw SqlConnection, command, readers this might be the best choice. Supports caching as well, can be customized and open source. enjoy
Deploys the NCache Session Storage Services in an ASP.NET Core web application for .NET Framework. The services include complete session management module to replace the default ASP.NET Core session management with additional NCache exclusive features such as session locking that follows the flow of...
runtime caching wrapper