Top 20 NuGet caching Packages

A simple mechanism for Caching into a Concurrent Dictionary.
Fully asynchronous memcached client that uses consistent hashing to minimise cache loss if a cache server leaves the cluster or if you add a cache server to the cluster. Built in performance counters so you can see how the memcached client is behaving on your machine and how many requests you are ma...
Windows Azure Cache is a distributed, in memory cache that increases performance by allowing you to store commonly accessed data in memory and reduces load on backend databases. Windows Azure Cache Memcache Shim is a translation layer that enables you to easily communicate with the Cache Service or ...
Memcached provider for MVC.Utilities
Memory Cache Util for storing objects for a predetermined time
DonutCaching provides extensible donut output caching for ASP.NET MVC 3 and above. Forked from
Let face it - memory caching in .Net 3.5 is a pain. It tends to involve rolling your own solution or downloading something enormous (like MS enterprise libraries). This little package is designed to sit between the 2. If you need to know how it does what it does, the code is on github! Huzzah!
Metrosoft Internal Package for Cache Management
This package contains the PicnicCache library.
Mobility Crosscutting Caching
Some caching tools.
A component that implements Caching with in memory, sliding and absolute expriation
A library for simplifying access to in-memory data caching.
This package contains Microsoft Application Server Caching Client assemblies.
Caching utilities
An elegant, Autofac-specific solution to an old problem: caching.
An elegant, Ninject-specific solution to an old problem: caching.
Generalist caching interfaces for use throughout your solution.
Memoization with MemoryCache
Caching contracts, in-memory implementations