Top 20 NuGet caching Packages

This repository was inspired by Jonathan Peppers GlideX implementation of the new IImageViewHandler interface for Xamarin.Forms ( Its goal is to provide the same kind of implementation for iOS, achieving a complete image caching solution for Xamarin.Forms:...
A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android
Kledex Memory Cache Provider
NCache backplane for scaling out ASP.NET Core SignalR applications in web-farm.
NCache backplane for scaling out ASP.NET SignalR applications in web-farm.
Azure hosting library of Outkeep
Service worker and Web App Manifest support for ASP.NET Core projects that provides offline support as well as client-side caching.
Abstracts caching used by other libraries
A multi-level cache wrapper for MemoryCache and Redis.
The Enterprise Library Caching Cryptography Provider lets developers encrypt the data to be cached.
Simple, intuitive and logical every-day-usage additions to the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 and newer. Follows the same namespace structure already found in the .NET Framework.
This caching store provides an ISecurityCacheProvider implementation that caches authenticated session information and performs token handling.
The activity pack contains a set of WF activities based on Windows Azure Storage Service and Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service, which enables developers to easily access these Azure services within a workflow application. For more information, please visit
The goal of AtomicStorage is to allow developers to easily cache and restore data during the process lifecycle (suspend/resume) in Windows Phone and Windows 8 (Metro) applications. It is designed to work with good MVVM frameworks.
Simple caching for .NET applications
A library of custom output cache providers. Initial package supports Redis as cache storage.
Develop applications using Sider IO with this library. It provides strong typed commands and events for receiving and sending messages.
Azure Caching storage for HTTP caching in CacheCow library
Binaries for the LRUCache library. Visit for an overview and usage examples.
DynaCache.Extended is a small C# library that allows you to automatically cache the output from standard .NET functions. Although it is possible to use it without one, DynaCache.Extended works best when used in conjunction with a dependency injection (DI) framework, such as StructureMap, Ninject, et...