Top 20 NuGet caching Packages

Biblioteca para caching. Esta é uma biblioteca utilizada em todos os projetos Tolitech, inclusive os gerados pela ferramenta Code Generator. Mais informações em
Caching Abstract Framework
HumbleConfig is a simple abstraction on top of multiple config sources
This package contains assemblies for performing data caching in cross-platform applications with support for UWP, Android, iOS and Xamarin.Forms applications.
Extensions for overriding the behaviour of the default ASP.Net Core ResponseCaching as well as additional Cache implementations such as Disk. (Similar to OutputCache of previous versions of ASP.Net)
caching strategies with repository pattern for EF
Provides all the basic interfaces for the most common cross-cutting concerns such as configuration, caching, logging, exception handling, and entity management.
This package implements the caching provider via SQLite
Provides extension methods for conveniently decorating Functional.CQS query handler implementations with caching concerns: - IQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> - IAsyncQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> Used with SimpleInjector container.
Supplies caching decorator implementations for Functional.CQS handler implementations: - IQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult> - IAsyncQueryHandler<TQuery, TResult>
Defines an in-memory cache that implements Functional.CQS.AOP.Caching.Infrastructure.IFunctionalCache
An opinionated interface for caching. Dotnet Standard 2.0, and Framework 4.5.2+
📂 A variety of cache implementations, all in .NET Core C#
Kledex Redis Cache Provider
Core hosting library of Outkeep
Web client for LocalizeServer with optional caching support
MemoryCache implementation for LocalizeServer
MongoDB implementation for the LocalizeServer to fetch resources from a mongo db
A CacheFactory that lets you creates unique cache keys based on input values.
Cliente del servidor de caché Ophelia Memory