NuGet Package TaskLoaderView: free yourself from IsBusy=true!

Free yourself from IsBusy=true!
The `TaskLoaderView` is a UI component that handles all your UI loading state (Loading, Error, Result, Notification), and removes all the pain of async loading from your view models (try catch / async void / IsBusy / HasErrors / base view models / ...) thanks to its brother the `TaskLoaderNotifier`.

BREAKING CHANGE Version 2.4.0:
The task source given to to TaskLoaderNotifier is now a Func{bool, Task} (or a Func{bool, Task{T}}) instead of a Func{Task}.
You can simply change your calls from Loader.Load(() => InitializeAsync()) to Loader.Load(_ => InitializeAsync()) to ignore it if you like.

The boolean that is passed now to your task source is a boolean indicating if the notifier is refreshing.
You can use it for invalidating your cache, for example:

public Task LoadItems(bool isRefreshing)
if (isRefreshing || !_cache.ContainsItems())
var items = _httpService.GetItems()
return items;

return _cache.GetItems();


* Default views for all loading states (Loading, Error, Success, Notification, Refresh)
* Snackbar component
* Compose notifiers with CompositeTaskLoaderNotifier
* Stylable views including fonts, accent color, error images, ...
* Any states are overridable with user custom views and easily positionned with AbsoluteLayout properties
* Support for Xamarin.Forms.Skeleton nuget package
* Support for refresh scenarios, and error while refreshing with the ErrorNotificationView
* Supports Async mvvm ICommand through TaskLoaderCommand
* Supports loading task on demand with the NotStarted state
* TaskLoaderNotifier for the ViewModel side taking care of all the error handling and the IsBusy nonsense.


Version: 2.4.0
Author(s): Jean-Marie Alfonsi
Last Update: Wednesday, June 23, 2021
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Install-Package Sharpnado.TaskLoaderView
dotnet add package Sharpnado.TaskLoaderView
paket add Sharpnado.TaskLoaderView
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