Top 20 NuGet skeleton Packages

A collection of attached properties that let you specify different state views for any of your existing layouts.
Free yourself from IsBusy=true! The `TaskLoaderView` and the `TemplatedTaskLoader` are UI components that handle all your UI loading state (Loading, Error, Result, Notification), and removes all the pain of async loading from your view models (try catch / async void / IsBusy / HasErrors / base view ...
Azure Kinect BodyTracking for vvvv
The new loading approach for cool apps in Xamarin Forms
A collection of attached properties that let you specify a loading state view for any of your existing layouts.
Skeleton UnityEngine.UI for KSP modding.
Skeleton UnityEngine for KSP modding.
Skeleton KSPAssets for KSP modding.
Skeleton Assembly-CSharp for KSP modding.
Xamarin.Android Binding for AgnaldoNP's AGSkeletonLoading, an Android library to provide a easy way to include skeleton loading.
Skeleton Assembly-CSharp-firstpass for KSP modding.
Simple yet powerful skeleton animation for all view in Android.
Provides skeleton implementation and ready solution for typical connection factory class operating on (network) stream..
Kinect2 for vvvv
Nuitrack for vvvv
Skeleton is a small collection of CSS & JS files that can help you rapidly develop sites that look beautiful at any size, be it a 17" laptop screen or an iPhone.
Contains skeleton implementation for types defined in Backend.Core and Backend.HTTP.Common packages.
Skeleton UnityEngine.VehiclesModule for KSP modding.
Skeleton UnityEngine.UIModule for KSP modding.
Skeleton UnityEngine.TextRenderingModule for KSP modding.