NuGet Package A Collection of Xamarin.Forms components including HorizontalListView, Tabs, MaterialFrame, Shadows and TaskLoaderView

Collection of Xamarin.Forms components.

IMPORTANT: On platform projects, call SharpnadoInitializer.Initialize() after Xamarin.Forms.Forms.Init() and before LoadApplication(new App()).

Pure Xamarin.Forms tabs:
* Fixed tabs (android tabs style)
* Scrollable tabs
* Segmented tabs
* Custom shadows (neumorphism ready)
* Circle button in tab bar
* Bottom bar tabs (ios tabs style)
* Custom tabs (be creative just implement TabItem)
* Independent ViewSwitcher

* Add as many custom shadows as you like to any view (Android, iOS, UWP)
* You can specify each shadow Color, Opacity, BlurRadius, and Offset
* Simply implement Neumorphism
* You can add one shadow, 3 shadows, 99 shadows, to any Xamarin.Forms element
* Animate any of these property and make the shadows dance around your elements

* AcrylicBlur mode
* 3 Blur styles: Light, ExtraLight, Dark (UIVisualEffectView styles)
* Acrylic mode
* Dark mode
* Light mode
* Change modes dynamically
* Performance (CALayer on ios, LayerDrawable on android)
* Android: RealtimeBlurView from Tu Yimin (mmin18)

The TaskLoaderView 2.0 handles all your task loading states:
* Handles error with custom messages and icons
* Handles empty states
* Show snackbar errors for refresh scenarios (if data is already shown)
* Handles retry with button
* Support Xamarin.Forms.Skeleton
* Can override any state views with your own custom ones

HorizontalListView for Xamarin.Forms (close to a CollectionView):
* Carousel layout
* Column count
* Snapping on first or middle element
* Padding and item spacing
* Handles NotifyCollectionChangedAction Add Remove and Reset actions
* View recycling
* RecyclerView on Android
* UICollectionView on iOS

Grid ListView (HorizontalListView with ListLayout set to Grid):
* Column count
* Drag And Drop
* RefreshView support
* Padding and item spacing
* Handles NotifyCollectionChangedAction Add Remove and Reset actions
* View recycling.


Version: 1.7.1
Author(s): Jean-Marie Alfonsi
Last Update: Thursday, July 23, 2020
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Install-Package Sharpnado.Presentation.Forms
dotnet add package Sharpnado.Presentation.Forms
paket add Sharpnado.Presentation.Forms
Sharpnado.Presentation.Forms Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)

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