NuGet Package AdDeals Monetization & Cross-Promotion SDK for Windows/WPhone 8.1/10.0

This SDK is GPDR-compliant and provides powerful and highly profitable monetization solutions for Windows game & app developers using interstitial ads & rewarded videos.

It is intended to be integrated by Windows PC/Tablet/Phone 8.1/10 app & game developers to monetize and/or cross-promote their apps. It supports C#/VB/Unity apps. It provides centered in-app interstitial ads and rewarded videos (both the most profitable ad formats for games and apps). 1:1 cross-promotion services are free, optional and only supported for interstitial ads.

Monetization is supported for all ad formats and AdDeals works directly with major advertisers to deliver the highest possible revenues to developers. You will need to create a free account on to add your app, get your AdDeals AppID/AppKey credentials and access near real-time statistics. The SDK can be quickly integrated with a few lines of codes. For Unity games, the SDK can be easily integrated via Visual Studio using this C# library/SDK.


Version: 4.6.0
Author(s): AdDeals (Ahead Solutions)
Last Update: Friday, September 14, 2018
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Install-Package AdDealsUniversalSDKW81
dotnet add package AdDealsUniversalSDKW81
paket add AdDealsUniversalSDKW81
AdDealsUniversalSDKW81 Download (Unzip the "nupkg" after downloading)