Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Serilog

Total dependencies: 827

The project is inspired by years of tedious repetitions, continuously re-writing similar code-snippets and libraries, to handle common functionality, not related to the business domain, such as logging, data persistence, message queuing, documentation, validation and similar.
Serilog sink that writes events to Google Cloud Platform Stackdriver Logging.
The periodic batching sink for Serilog
A simple, compact JSON-based event format for Serilog.
Serilog event sink that writes to Microsoft Application Insights.
A Serilog sink that logs to AWS CloudWatch
Write Serilog events to text files in plain or JSON format.
Enrich Serilog events with properties from the current thread.
A Serilog sink that writes log events to the console/terminal.
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Analytics
BLiP C# client
The Serilog Graylog Sink project is a sink (basically a writer) for the Serilog logging framework. Structured log events are written to sinks and each sink is responsible for writing it to its own backend, database, store etc. This sink delivers the data to Graylog2, a NoSQL search engine.
Framework for BumperLane API sites
Add support for sending NServiceBus logging through Serilog
A Serilog sink that correlates log events with the code that produced them, enabling unit testing of log output.
Serilog support for ASP.NET Core logging
The MongoDB sink for Serilog
Simplifies logging through a static helper class and some IL manipulation.
This is a .NET Framework enhancement framework. Main features are Versioning, Finance, Currency, Foreign Exchange, Money, Pricing strategy, Telemetry, Composite Weighted Progress, Repository and Unity of Wok pattern implementation with Entity Framework Core, Network Connectivity Service and Triggeri...
Serilog sink that writes to the Seq log server over HTTP/HTTPS.