Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Serilog

Total dependencies: 1928

The project is inspired by years of tedious repetitions, continuously re-writing similar code-snippets and libraries, to handle common functionality, not related to the business domain, such as logging, data persistence, message queuing, documentation, validation and similar.
Enrich Serilog log events with properties from System.Environment.
Write Serilog events to text files in plain or JSON format.
Contains the core assemblies needed to run Umbraco Cms. This package only contains assemblies and can be used for package development. Use the UmbracoCms package to setup Umbraco in Visual Studio as an ASP.NET project.
Serilog support for ASP.NET Core logging
Provides capability to improve telemetry with Serilog in applications
XML configuration (System.Configuration <appSettings>) support for Serilog.
A lightweight library to run tests with throwaway instances of Docker containers.
A Serilog Sink for Grafana's Loki log aggregator
Buffer batches of log events to be flushed asynchronously.
The IPP .NET SDK for QuickBooks V3 is a set of .NET classes that make it easier to call QuickBooks APIs. This is the .Net Standard 2.0 version of the .Net SDK
The Splunk Sink for Serilog
Low-level Serilog provider for Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Expression-based event filtering for Serilog.
Official Serilog integration for Sentry - Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time.
Enrich logs with client IP and UserAgent..
Serilog support for .NET Core logging in hosted services
Serilog Sink that sends log events to Datadog
A sink to be used for testing log messages using Serilog
The process enricher for Serilog.