Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on Serilog

Total dependencies: 940

Serilog sink for service
Simplifies logging through a static helper class and some IL manipulation.
Serilog event sink that writes to Amazon Kinesis.
Write Serilog events to Azure DocumentDB
Extends Serilog with timed operations
A .NET library for creating multiplayer online game in decentralized fashion. See also the docs for details:
Core library for ChilliSource.Cloud
Emerald framework with AspNetCore support.
Very simple load testing framework for Pull and Push scenarios.
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Blob Storage over HTTP.
The xUnit test output sink for Serilog
Builder with my serilog common settings for use Console, Seq and Splunk sinks.
Enrich Serilog log events with properties from HttpContext in AspNetCore
Rest API client to use with RestContracts and RestApi
Serilog support for ASP.NET Core logging
DEPRECATED - Please use official Serilog sink for MSSqlServer as it now fully supports .NET Standard
Iris common data types package
MassTransit Serilog logger support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET
Serilog sink that writes to the Seq log server over HTTP/HTTPS.