Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on FastMember

Total dependencies: 153

Common code for Das payments DCFS components
Redis on Steroids (Roidis) is an object hash mapper built on top of redis.
Utility Classes to speed up development
An extension of Qwiq.Mapper providing support for identity values.
Adds mapping / translation between the Qwiq work items and your own model types
NORSU-G Automated Suggestion System
EntityFrameworkCore extensions for Etl.Net
Saint Francis College ID System Core Library
A object to row / row to object mapper for HBase. Note: This project is currently unstable and should not be used in a production environment!
Fast, Simple, Typed table reader for SAP
Simple File Manager
Saint Francis College Guihulngan Chits-LOAD Pantry Management System (C-LPS)
This project contains the core engine of SweekCms.
Fast copy object properties.
System for in-memory datastore cascading and foreign key relations.
Package Description
This is a global exception handler library for ASP.NET Core projects.
This library provides a simple way to connect to a Dataq DI-2008 and quickly start processing the data without writing a ton of code.
Package Description
Evolution Core