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Quest core library
Dynamically generated forms and dialogs in WPF
Simple File Manager
Foundational types which facilitate working with datastores which have Ado.Net providers
A LogicMine API which facilitates common data operations
Deserializer & Serializer against Anomnyous, Strongly Type, Dynamic Objectsfix supports JSON,XML,CSV,BINARY, also work with files
Caching abstraction library.
A common library SQL server.
Package Description
Paquete con libreria y ejemplos del componente Delta Grid MVC
Web API que contiene los métodos que usa el componente Delta Grid MVC, contiene las operaciones básicas Insertar, Eliminar, Buscar, Enlistar, Modificar, entre otras
Inspired by Dapper, SprocMapper is an easy to use and light-weight object-relational mapper specifically designed for stored procedures. Supports caching and a stack of other handy features. See for examples.
Stringify any object
TrackerDog turns any .NET object or full object graph into a change-trackable object
A simple, solid, and small library that encompasses and provides access to the SOAP and Bulk API's for Salesforce. - Dynamic SOQL/SOSL query generation based on generic type interpretation. - Expression and predicate visitation allowing users to create both simple and complicated where conditions u...
Common utility and extension methods.
A smart a fast way to validate excel data using npoi
Contiene clases para hacer operaciones en la base de datos usando ADO.NET o Telerik Data Access
Contiene métodos que solicitan datos a la persistencia, ademas de controlar los campos dinámicos
Utilerias como : encriptar/desencriptar datos, obtener SHA1 de una cadena, serializar, etc