Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on FastMember

Total dependencies: 155

Implement one or more Serverless GraphQL API(s) using Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Search, Azure Table Storage etc.
File formats (Cyberpunk 2077) for the WolvenKit Mod Editor.
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Vsa Framework
A library to handle Adom Ultimate style templates for game entities. Designed to create DefaultEcs entities from JSON templates.
.NET Core Data 数据库仓储
Attribute-based table mapping and simple database access.
A collection of helper extensions.
The official .NET driver for the Curiosity Search engine (
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Library that helps with performing the nifty upsert-from-temp-table-streaming trick 🚀
Dynamically generated forms and dialogs in WPF
Unreal Engine replay reader
An object instance creator & object mapper that uses Fast Member for reflection purposes. Also extends fast member feature to retrieve custom attributes from Members
.NET Standard 2.0 compatible library that includes commonly used utilities: + Collections extensions + Asynchronous work utilities + Process extensions + Objects flattening & filling etc...
Essencial tools to agile development.
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Package Description
Package Description Library used across many projects.