Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on FastMember

Total dependencies: 153

This complete and self contained code generation utility will install in a sub directory EzDbCodeGen of a target project. From this path, you can run a powershell script that will generate code based on the connection string. Each template is a handlebars template that has tags that specify where ...
Simple Expression To Database Query Library. Currently supports MsSQL and MySQL. Look forward to more database engine support in the near future.
A general purpose blockchain programming library for .NET Standard 2.0.
Simple microservices toolkit for .Net/.Net Core. Heavily influenced by the senecajs Node toolkit.
Bulk Data API/Tools for SQL Server databases. Easily perform bulk "upsert" operations on your database. Nifty helper utility for moving around large sets of data.
Qapper (pronounced 'kwapper') is a super simple object mapper for kdb+\q modelled after Dapper
Micro-orm & set of tiny, performant extension methods for SqlConnection, SqlCommand, SqlDataReader and SqlBulkCopy with a fluent api for building both SqlCommands and SqlBulkCopy routines.
Modelos y atributos que usa el control Delta Grid MVC
Netfox.Repository is a lightweight data management framework for MongoDB supporting document state tracking and simple memory object cache.
Simple Serializer and Deserializer
Export Excel sheet data to Xml/Json using ClosedXML.
DSM Libraries - Core Module
The CRUDinski framework is (yet another) ORM framework, designed for RAD object-based, multi-query language filtering, updating and posting of object data.
開發 ASP.NET Web Forms 時常用之取巧手段
A convention based wrapper around the SqlBulkCopy utility.
Excel Helper will allow you to export to Excel from List of T and Parse Excel to List of T with custom validation and highlighting options.
Quest core library
The Dapper alternative that nobody asked for.
.NET Core light object mapper for SQL databases.
Easy access to various Zuora APIs.