Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on FastMember

Total dependencies: 149

Package Description
Package Description
Attribute-based table mapping and simple database access.
Excel data importer that auto-detects the location of table headers and selects the appropriate object from a set of candidate types. See for usage instructions.
Essencial tools to agile development.
Cloudy CMS UI package
An extension library for FastMember.
Tools to neomode projects
A collection of helper extensions.
Package Description
The official .NET driver for the Curiosity Search engine (
Entity Framework extension methods for bulk insert, bulk update, bulk delete and bulk merge operations.
A fast and easy ORM focused on the reduction of development times and ease of work.
Library that helps with performing the nifty upsert-from-temp-table-streaming trick ๐Ÿš€
Implement one or more Serverless GraphQL API(s) using Azure Functions, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Search, Azure Table Storage etc.
Dapper Builder for .NET Core
An object instance creator & object mapper that uses Fast Member for reflection purposes. Also extends fast member feature to retrieve custom attributes from Members
Fixed Width Parser Writer for reading and writing flat data (files) with defined field position in line or file (relative height).
.NET Standard 2.0 compatible library that includes commonly used utilities: + Collections extensions + Asynchronous work utilities + Process extensions + Objects flattening & filling etc...
Unreal Engine replay reader