Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EntityFramework

Total dependencies: 4461

Entity Framework Extensions extends your DbContext with high-performance bulk operations: BulkSaveChanges, BulkInsert, BulkUpdate, BulkDelete, BulkMerge, and more. Support: SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and more! Example: Benchmark: https://dotnetfi...
Store Audit.NET Trail Logs into a SQL Server database
LocalizationProvider support package for Asp.Net
Generate Audit Logs from EntityFramework context changes
LinqKit.EntityFramework contains extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework. Include(...) and IAsync are supported.
Collection updating support for EntityFramework with AutoMapper. Extends DBSet<T> with Persist<TDto>().InsertUpdate(dto) and Persist<TDto>().Delete(dto). Will find the matching object and will Insert/Update/Delete.
MassTransit Entity Framework support; MassTransit is a message-based distributed application framework for .NET
Creates a SQLite Database from Code, using Entity Framework CodeFirst. This Project ships several IDbInitializer which creates a new SQLite Database, based on your model/code.
Use this to extend Entity Framework functionality to store changes in database. This is very useful for auditing purpose. It stores WHO changed WHAT and WHEN. It will let you choose which tables and columns you want to track with the help of attributes. NOTE: TO USE WITH ASP.NET MVC 5 IDENTIT...
Effort is basicly an ADO.NET provider that executes all the data operations on a lightweight in-process main memory database instead of a traditional external database. It provides some intuitive helper methods too that make really easy to use this provider with existing ObjectContext or DbContext c...
Common nuget package required for TrackerEnabledDbContext & TrackerEnabledDbContext.Identity
Contains classes to help with testing when entity and a SQL Server would be involved in production: * TestFixtureWithTempDb provides bootstrapping for tests which would use a temporary database (TempDBLocalDb) * EntityPersistenceTestFixtureBase provides helpers for the common test of persist...
OmniCX WebStore Core contains the Controllers, API SDK and Models required to run the MVC Views of the WebStore (Use only for Kiddies)
MzAutomation Test Framework. Documentation coming soon..
Provides the Entity POCO classes for sharing data access with the EmailSpooler.Win32Service service
Extensions to make AutoMapper easier to work with Entity Framework. Project to collections and items, decompiling calculated properties along the way
LicenseManager - server library.
Core library for ChilliSource.Cloud
LinqKit.EntityFramework contains extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework. Include(...) and IAsync are supported.