Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EntityFramework

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Extensions to make AutoMapper easier to work with Entity Framework. Project to collections and items, decompiling calculated properties along the way
MiniProfiler: Integration for Entity Framework 6
Contains security related functions of the Vasont Inspire API.
Contains the primary content load functions of the Vasont Inspire API.
سرویس پایه برای تمپلیت های درخت، گرید، مدیریت کاربران و نقش ها و مدیریت ای پی آی ها.
Jolia core libraries, features, extensions, models and more.
Created on 2020-08-06 23:22
Collection updating support for EntityFramework with AutoMapper. Extends DBSet<T> with Persist<TDto>().InsertUpdate(dto) and Persist<TDto>().Delete(dto). Will find the matching object and will Insert/Update/Delete.
Data transfer objects for TouchConvert version one APIs.
Data transfer objects for TouchConvert version two APIs.
Extension for EntityFramework for joins to in-memory data
BumperLane Core API functionality
Database is a part of the CoScInE group.
Entity Framework unit of work integration for SFA.DAS.UnitOfWork
Managua.Commons es un pack de utilidades utilizadas por el equipo de desarrollo de Alcaldía de Managua.
An ORM Library Based on EntityFramework/EntityFrameworkCore.
Components to streamline C # project development and the Entity Framework library. Developed by the company IronBug.
Package Description
Contains support service and business related functions of the Vasont Inspire API.
Support for store functions (table valued functions, scalar user defined functions and stored procedures) for Entity Framework 6.3.0+ Code First.