Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EntityFramework

Total dependencies: 4461

Reportr Registration with Entity Framework 6.
Remote linq extensions for entity framework. Use this package to apply eager-loading (i.e. using Include-expressions) to EF queries.
Crypteron CipherDB Agent for Entity Framework 6.x
Storage interactions with EntityFramework
Adds consistent patterns for working with Entity Framework when using the common Core Functionality.
Customer implementation
Rhetos is a DSL framework that enables you to create your own domain-specific language to build server applications.
Ado.Net Helper Entity Framework Helper
Entity Framework 6 plugin for attaching the entities materialized from queries to a FluentEvents EventsContext automatically
Official Entity Framework 6 integration for Sentry - Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time.
Helpers utilizados para auxiliar no desenvolvimento
Common EntityBase classes for Entity Framework Code-First.
This is DbContext for use with ASP.Net Identity. It extends Entity Framework functionality to store changes in database. This is very useful for auditing purpose. It stores WHO changed WHAT & WHEN.
The fastest and smoothest way to good architecture.
Allows SQL Server Compact 4.0 to be used with Entity Framework.
Provides Base Controllers(And API controllers) that interact with Joe.Business to implement Default CRUD Actions.
Extension handlers for entity framework
Adds batch operations to Entity Framework when using MS Sql server
Records performance and tracing information for EF interactions while your application runs. Designed for use in a production environment, it extends the Loupe Agent with features specific to Entity Framework 6 and works with any EF provider.
The Entity Framework Provider NuoDB® enables you to develop .NET applications that connect to the NuoDB database using Entity Framework.