Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EntityFramework

Total dependencies: 4461

SQLite utilities to support integration testing Atlas.Persistence
Administration User Interface for LocalizationProvider
Master-detail CRUD framework based on ASP.NET MVC. It is prepared for developers to develop Entity Framework data base managing applications. RecroGrid Framework is a framework which applies an absolutely unique and new approach and which is prepared for developers to develop database managing appl...
Framework for BumperLane API sites
A fast and customizable way to build parts of your .NET application via templates
BumperLane Core API functionality
Contains wrapper and helper classes that stream line using Windows Workflow 4.5. They assist in database persistance when the workflow needs to persist as was as helping during reconstituting after an application shut down.
Bnsights.Mvc is RAD Helper DLL for MVC Projects in Bnsights DMCC. Also known as Bnsights Business Solutions Framework (BBSF).
Library of common functions of the .NET programmer, for version 4.0 of the Microsoft .NET Framework.
This is for TrackSynq DB access library
Table metadata provider for your Entity Framework entities.
Postgresql provider for Entity Framework 6 and above
Entity Framework 6.0 supported
An EntityFramework implementation of the unit of work pattern
Entity Framework unit of work integration for SFA.DAS.UnitOfWork
SynchroFeed is an extensible framework for integrating with a Nuget-like feeds to perform syncing, cataloging and validation of Nuget and Chocolatey packages. This is an addon for cataloging packages and the included assemblies into a database.
Classes utilitárias dependentes do entityframework
Abstraction library for WindnTrees application project.
OmniCX SDK Core contains API SDK and Models required to run the make the api calls
Provides server logging functionality that use Entity Framework for the storage.