Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EPPlus

Total dependencies: 188

MzAutomation Test Framework. Documentation coming soon..
C# .NET Framework4.5版本工具类
Shared library support for Minca's projects
.Net Ad hoc Reporting Tool for MVC that allows programmers to easily add Report building functionality to their ASP .NET Web Application
Wyam is a simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator. This library provides support for importing and exporting CSV and Excel files.
Create powerful RESTful web services with Starcounter. For Starcounter or later
Geospatial library for .NET Standard. This library is presented "as is" without any guarantees. We are not responsible for their use.
Provides the infrastructure for building multi-tenant solutions (SaaS) using MVC5
Dotnet core framework utility
EPPlus extension, targeting .netstandard2.0, that make easier to extract POCO from excel tables.
Controles para serem utilizados em projetos Asp.Net Webforms
Excel files extensions for Etl.Net
DaisyTech PreTool Services
Pagable sortable MVC enabled grid (core files only)
.Net core C# for Linux (or Windows)
.NET Standard2.0版本工具类
PivotData Toolkit (extends NReco.PivotData library): advanced components for pivot table reports generation (HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel, PDF, DataTable), formatting wrappers (percentage, difference, running total, heatmap, topN/pagination), CSV/TSV/JSON/SQL data sources, extract-transform-load (ETL) han...
NuGet package for Umbraco 7
Contains the core assemblies for running uCommerce