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demo library for excel generation
A very simple, yet incredibly powerfull library to generate Excel documents out of objects, arrays, lists, collections, etc.
报表通用类,包括EXCEL和StimulSoft Reports
报表通用类,包括EXCEL和StimulSoft Reports
Biblioteca que gera uma planilha excel a partir de uma lista de objeto. Super Prático. " //Trecho de código de exemplo public class Pessoa { public int Id { get; set; } public string Nome { get; set; } } public class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { ...
Excel helper class, uses EPPlus. Functions: Import Excel file to List of objects and export List of objects to Excel file.
.NET Helper classes
some C# extensions and tools
Helper methods to easily work with EPPlus to read and generate Excel documents.
Permite usar Excel para los reportes.
Crie o arquivo excel, através da biblioteca Epplus, utilizando este facilitador. Create the excel file through the Epplus library using this facilitator.
Exposes csv and excel export abilities
You can use this nuget in the following scenarios: * The class MMEncryptionTripleDES was added * Encrypt and Decrypt Data using the algorithm Triple Des. * Generate a 128 Key to encrypt data. * Encrypt and Decrypt Data based in a Key. * The clase DTExtensions was ad...
.NET library for reading/writing XLSX files
Supporting infrastructure for data-oriented and metadata-driven development (ALPHA!)
Splits Excel sheets into files
Сервис и модели данных для экспорта
Package Description
Returns in-year and most recent Ofsted inspection Outcomes from management information available in []