Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EPPlus

Total dependencies: 212

Parse excel file with combinator
Create powerful RESTful web services with Starcounter. For Starcounter or later
Wyam is a simple to use, highly modular, and extremely configurable static content generator. This library provides support for importing and exporting CSV and Excel files.
Contains the core assemblies for running uCommerce
NuGet package for Umbraco 7
Advanced National Networks for Administrations
PdfReport is a code first reporting engine, which is built on top of the iTextSharp and EPPlus libraries. It's compatible with both .NET 3.5+ Web and Windows applications.
Shared Library for projects
EPPlus extension, targeting .netstandard2.0, that make easier to extract POCO from excel tables.
.Net 常用与扩展
Contains a xslx writer for iTin Export Engine
Ferramentas para exportação de informações para Excel.
Excel files extensions for Etl.Net
imbSCI.Core library of imbSCI module (imbVeles framework). Provides attributes for data annotation, data aggregation, reporting, PropertyExpression, type description data (advanced reflection), rich extensions library (data, enum works, input/output, math, DataTable, text manipulation, type works (e...
Additional tools for testing software
DaisyTech PreTool Services
Package Description
Package Description
Simple Exporter is an easy report library that generate reports (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc) from any IEnumerable datasource. Simple Exporter allows defining the structure of the reports from a simple JSON or a dotnet object.