Top 20 NuGet Packages depending on EPPlus

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Package Description
Package Description
Utility Support Class For Apex Automation Projects
A class library that allows you to load an MS Excel file using the EPPlus library into a collection of objects.
Simple File Manager
EPPlus extension that contains many useful utils for better controll of your excle package.
Generate formatted, customisable Excel documents straight from ASP.NET Web API.
Web Business Intelligence library of imbVeles Framework. Currently supports Web Site Classification using different Semantic Similarity and TF-IDF computation, kNN, Neural Networks, mSVM and Naive Bayes
Web Exploration Model: crawlers, crawler reports, web analytic console, web loader, web crawler experiment setup...
In the programming world the developers must have to note some common functions/methods into somewhere in mind or maintain notebook. This AT.Common library provides those kind of common functions/methods and it reduces 30% developers coding time. I am not saying that AT.Common libary has provided ve...
Extension of imbNLP libraries, introducing support for MULTEXT-East morphosyntactic dictionary and pipeline framework for parallel web content decomposition and POS tagging
Natural Language Processing libraries of Veles project, Core and Data namespaces dealing with lexic resources, pipeline decomposition and other NLP stuff
Easily create multi-worksheet Excel documents from any .NET object collection.
Extension methods for EPPlus.
Alan Excel Module
Private package for devaxy developers
Componente do AraFramework
Web API que contiene los métodos que usa el componente Delta Grid MVC, contiene las operaciones básicas Insertar, Eliminar, Buscar, Enlistar, Modificar, entre otras
A .NET Standard web crawling library similar to WebMagic and Scrapy. It is a lightweight ,efficient and fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for .NET