Top 20 NuGet WinRT Packages

WinRT Framework

Forked from and migrated to Xamarin plugin.
Easily provide an Auth0 login user interface for your Universal Windows Applications
A library for validation of models in a XAML app.
Provides a sample implementation of a ContentPage that shows how to login and show Facebook user profile from Facebook API. Watch a video demo:
Client library for the Auth0 API
Custom navigator control that adds new event model and page features
Time Zone library to enable converting to another non-local time zone Supported Platforms: WinRT, WinStore, WP8, WPA81, .NET4.5
DevForce takes care of your application's infrastructure-the gap between your data-layer and client-layer where the difficult job of turning raw data into business objects and moving them to and from the client's screen takes place. DevForce fills this gap so you don't have to. Instead of building, ...
Game Chat 2 is the technology used to enable in-game voice communications between users on different devices. Developers of titles supporting cross play on Windows 10 and Xbox One should ensure the major version of this package matches the major version of the XDK being used. To use this package and...
Plugin Xamarin permettant l'utilisation du MBaaS AppsPanel. Pour plus d'informations sur l'intégration :
Multiple Platforms: GetElementRect, GetVisualChild, GetVisualAncestor, Enum extensions, RelayCommand, PropertyChangedBase Windows 8: Flyout, SettingsContractWrapper, LabeledProgressBar, KeyboardKiller Windows Phone: ReverseAutocompletePopup, StatusBarExtensions, CustomMessageBox .NET4.5: CustomMe...
Windows.UI.Interactivity is a port of System.Windows.Interactivity to the Windows Runtime and allows you to use behaviors and triggers as in Silverlight.
StyleMVVM is a full featured MVVM framework designed from the ground up for the Windows Store platform (C#, C++ and HTML/JS supported). StyleMVVM has now been ported to Windows Phone 8 and WPF (.Net 4.5).
Calendar control for Windows 10 WinRT/XAML, ported from the Silverlight Toolkit.
SQLite Portable for .NET4.5, Windows 8+ and Windows Phone 8+.
Xamcc is MVVM infrastructure for C++/CX. Include Xamcc.h file and try it!
Fast, extensible, intuitive and easy-to-use C# portable library providing fluent APIs for argument validation. Gives everything you need to implement defensive programming in your .NET application
A set of controls, extensions and helper classes for Windows Runtime XAML applications.
Observable Vector makes it easy to use the IObservableVector<T> interface in your Windows app. Find us on GitHub at
FolderPath plugins for Xamarin