Top 20 NuGet WinRT Packages

WinRT Framework

Wrapper for communication between main code web workers or iframes
Cimbalino Toolkit is a set of useful and powerful items that will help you build your Windows applications. This is the UI Controls portion of the toolkit.
A library for validation of models in a XAML app.
Xamarin Audio Manager provides a simple way to play audio files in Xamarin Forms projects. The Supported Xamarin Platforms are: iOS Android UWP Windows 8.1 Windows Phone 8.1 //Sorta, needs some work but how many people use win phone ;)
A toolkit useful to build Windows Store apps. It contains helpers to bind commands in MVVM (also during drag'n'drop operation on UI), user-controls, converters, toast and tile helpers, etc. etc. It's built on top of Galasoft MVVM Light.
WebClient and HttpClient for Windows Phone and WinRT. Supports Wensus Analytics performance monitoring.
PCL Testing is a simple test framework for writing portable tests and running them on .NET, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Silverlight.
Helper classes for building applications using the Model-View-ViewModel pattern that target one of the following platforms: WPF, Silverlight, Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
Xamarin.Forms Web View that supports cookies and loading pages event
TagLib# is a library to read ID3 and other metadat format from files. This is a popular metadata format for audio/video files to extract artist/title/album art. This is an implementation of TagLib# forked for forward progress using .NET Standard profiles to be more compatible for any .NET platform...
A simple framework Mvvm framework for Xamarin Forms
Sirloin makes it easy to add a hamburger menu to your Windows 10 app. It supports .NET languages, C++, and JS. Find us on GitHub at
Provides a sample code to get started with SQLite: a sample user interface for inserting and retrieving data, in addition to the code required for each platform. Watch this video to get started: It supports: 1) Xamarin.Android 2) Xamarin.iOS 3) Windows UWP 4) Windows Store 5) W...
SpecialFolder plugins for Xamarin..
You probably want Spooky.Json20, not this package. Spooky is a client RPC library for .Net, providing an abstraction layer for RPC calls (using sytems such as Json RPC).
HolisticWare.Auth temporary replacement for Xamarin.Auth during porting/refactoring and testing
MVVM Helpers (Metro) is a library of helpers for Windows 8 and .NET 4.5 to implement the MVVM design pattern
MVVM-Sidekick ============= MVVM密友 =================== A Modern light-weight MVVM framework based on RX and TPL await 轻量级MVVM框架,基于RX与 await等新技术 [微博] [twitter] [Mail] ...
Google Analytics SDK for Windows and Windows Phone with support for Google Universal Analytics Measurement Protocol
The official Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and Xamarin SDK. Add a cloud backend to your Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Xamarin apps with this simple to use SDK.