Top 20 NuGet WinRT Packages

WinRT Framework

Simple cross-platform plug-in that allows you to pick files from the filesystem (iCloud drive in case of iOS) and work with them.
AgFx is a data caching framework that makes it easy to build data-connected Windows Phone applications.
A simple REST and HTTP client for Windows Store Apps.
***DO NOT USE*** To add a reference to VCLibs use .targets files including SDKReference elements as done here: . Former description: Adds a reference to the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Runtime Package for Windows" SDK. ...
Tomato Json Rpc Library.
Tomato Uwp Mvvm Library.
Detect Motion Sensors Vector Value changes for: Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer. Across iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows from a single API.
WInterop portable P/Invoke library. Provides portable access to a number of Windows APIs and helpers for writing additional P/Invokes.