Top 20 NuGet Security Packages

Provides a startup task to harden the TLS configuration on Azure role instances. See project website for documentation.
ASP.NET Core Middleware for validating scope claims
Security static code analyzer for .NET
An implementation of OAuth 1.0a for .NET
Zyan is a framework that simplifies development of distributed applications for desktop and mobile platforms. With Zyan you can publish any .NET class for remote access over the network. Zyan is highly customizable and provides you with tools to build modular and plugable distributed applications.
Authentication library for the veracity services sdk
.Net core Middleware, Add various headers to help secure your site. Disable XSS attacks with Content Security Policies, and make sure browsers do not mime sniff
User security base library for developing apps on .NET Standard 2.0
Miruken abstractions for security
Operations and data types used with the ArcGIS REST API.
Package Description
SecureBlackbox - the comprehensive suite of components and classes for digital security and secure networking. NOTE: this package contains only libraries. For samples and documentation, please, download the full package from the product web site.
IP*Works! is a comprehensive framework of easy-to-use components for Internet development, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, DNS, SMS, SOAP, etc.
A library for enabling ASP.Net Identity to work with Umbraco front-end members
This package contains an ASP.NET Core middleware to validate signed http requests with the Medidata MAuth protocol. The middleware communicates with an MAuth server in order to confirm the validity of the request authentication header. Include this package in your ASP.NET Core web api if you want to...
ASP.NET Core middleware that enables an application to support Swedish BankID's (svenskt BankIDs) native authentication workflow.
Helper library for claims based identity & access control in .NET.
OWIN middleware for providing a resource/action based authorization manager.
An advanced application framework designed to make enterprise apps development simple, featuring enterprise data access patterns such as generic repositories, query definitions, user management, authentication, security, push notifications, and more. For the server data access counterpart, please in...
Token authentication libary includes generating JWT authentication token and optionally refreshing the token each request. Fully configurable with Token Builder