Top 20 NuGet Security Packages

A compatibility layer for sharing authentication tickets between Microsoft.Owin.Security and Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication. This package was built from the source at:
This library provides shared functionality for the NWebsec ASP.NET Core security libraries.
NWebsec middleware for ASP.NET Core applications. NWebsec helps you set important security headers and detect potentially dangerous redirects. See project website for documentation.
.NET Client for CredHub - Base Package
Allows you to perform user authentication via DigitalOcean, Facebook, Foursquare, GitHub, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, MailRu, Odnoklassniki, Salesforce, Twitter, VK (Vkontakte), Windows Live, Yandex just in two method calls.
This package contains an OWIN middleware to validate signed http requests with the Medidata MAuth protocol. The middleware communicates with an MAuth server in order to confirm the validity of the request authentication header. Include this package in your OWIN-enabled web api if you want to authent...
A cross-platform, pure managed-code Kerberos Ticket parsing, validation, and authentication library that doesn’t rely on any OS components.
tCell .NET Agent
tCell .NET Agent
A cross platform library for communicating with the Satoshi Labs' Trezor Hardware Wallet Supports Android, UWP, .NET Core and .NET Framework with Hid.Net. Support for other platforms can be added with Hid.Net dependency injection
tCell .Net Agent Packages\nThis package bundles the packages.config file to enable packages discovery.
Contrast.NET for Azure provides Assess (IAST) and Protect (RASP) security support for .NET Web Apps hosted on Azure App Service.
Contrast.NET Site Extension for Azure App Service provides Assess (IAST) and Protect (RASP) security support for applications hosted on Azure.
Best.EntLib Security lib for .NET Core and .NET 4.6+
Suplex.Security is an application security and RBAC abstraction Layer. Implments hierarchical DACL model and common RBAC model. Suplex Security contains thte POCOs.
The simple and easy RavenDB Identity provider for ASP.NET Core. Use Raven to store your users and logins. As simple as services.AddRavenDbIdentity<AppUser>();
ASP.NET Core External Security Provider for CloudFoundry
Entity Framework 6.x stores for OpenIddict.
Official .NET SDK for the Okta API.
MongoDB stores for OpenIddict.