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Repository Pattern with Entity Framework.
My package description.
Core features for Cortoxa Framework.Contains interfaces for common "Design Patterns". Cortoxa Framework is a Powerful Framework for faster and easier building .Net applications based on Dependency Injection patterns. Contains implementation of common "Design Patterns".
A generic Repository Pattern Abstraction for .Net.
A generic Repository Pattern Entity Framework implementation for .Net.
Toolkit with classes I collected over time and use, contains: - the repository pattern with specifications and fetch strategy - unit of work - data object projection with linq - data mapping
Cloud Access repository pattern
Memory repository to be used for testing, prototyping or short term memory persistance. LightHouse is a registered trademark of Turneo AG.
Repository Pattern For Frankstein
This is an entity framework manager which assists in deploying base repository for models, caching of result and transaction base architecture
Abstract repository wrapper
Unit of work repository
My package description.
My package description.
dapper extend repository
Boilerplate unit of work and generic repository pattern abstractions.
e10 shared would allow you to start working on a project with basic level auths and repository and service layer.
Repository pattern for Entityframework
A collection of reusable abstractions for .NET application developer: caching, IoC, pagination, repository, application services, unit of work, background processing, exception trace policy, work item, etc.
Nuget repository