Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

Azure DocumentDb Repository Pattern is a layer on top of Azure DocumentDb Client that simplifies the communication with the database and provides a repository-like interface.
Lightweight implementation of Repository Pattern based on Dapper ORM. This implementation supports CRUD operations via auto-generated plain SQL
MongoDB implementation of the EASE database framework
Entity framework implementation of EASE database framework
The MongoDB Abstracts library defines abstract base classes for repository pattern.
RevStack Cache repository pattern abstraction.
Entity Framework implementation of the RevStack c# repository pattern.
RevStack IO Repository class library
OrientDb implementation of the RevStack c# repository pattern.
Teclyn is a toolkit aimed at building well architectured, business driven, scalable software. It uses concepts taken from CQRS, Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Event Sourcing.
Generic repository and pattern "Unit of work" for Entity framework.
An Entity Framework implementation for RoboTron.Core IRepository.
File Management solution integrating 3rd party storage providers such as S3 and dropbox.
RevStack Storage implementation for Amazon S3.
RevStack Storage Database implementation for OrientDb.
Simple CRUD repository pattern implementation for .net core MongoDB driver.
Entity Framework Repository
Entity Framework Auditable Repository
Data Access Layer Core interfaces for Core project
Data Access Layer provides abstract interfaces of Generic Repository and Unit of Work for your .NET application.