Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

Ixq.Core是Ixq framework的核心类库,此类库定义了如实体、Repository、依赖注入、日志、缓存等功能的接口。
UniRepository.Core includes the main interfaces for the UniRepository library.
Generic repository pattern implementation for Entity Framework 6 (with async version)
Pattern Repository C# using Entity Framework
SharpRepository is a generic repository written in C# which includes support for various relational, document and object databases including Entity Framework, RavenDB, MongoDB, CouchDB and Db4o. SharpRepository includes Xml and InMemory repository implementations as well. SharpRepository offers buil...
Dapper Generic Repository And Unit Of Work
Repository with Dapper
Repository Base by SchwabenCode
The fastest and smoothest way to great architecture
Generic Repository Entity Framework DbContext implementation.
This is a repository pattern for Entity Framework (EF) Core.
Proactive data access NetStandard package.
Entity Find Repository
EF Update Repository
EF Count Repository
Unit Of Work pattern over Entity Framework