Top 20 NuGet Patterns Packages

A fast repository lib like springdata to query by interface only .
Proactive data repository NetStandard package.
Proyecto contenedor de las interfaces bases de Fenix
Useful extensions and helpers.
Neo4j implementation of the RevStackCore repository/graph pattern
Mongol is a wrapper for the MongoDB Official C# Driver which makes it very easy to create repository pattern classes around strongly typed collections for POCO objects. Mongol also includes lambda-based property name resolution for building MongoDB Query/Update operations without magic strings...
Generic Repository and UnitOfWork Pattern implementation with base classes for Entity Framework
Generic Repository Pattern implementation with base classes for RavenDb
Storage made simple, fast and easy across platforms. Supports .NET 4 and later, Silverlight 4 and 5, Windows Store Apps, and Windows Phone 7 and later.
Skahal.Infrastructure.Framework.Repositories.IRepository's MongoDB implementation.
Base data classes to build data access layers with.
Repository Pattern For Frankstein
Repository Pattern For Frankstein
Toolkit with classes I collected over time and use, contains: - the repository pattern with specifications and fetch strategy - unit of work - data object projection with linq - data mapping
Repository wrapper for dapper
Skahal.Infrastructure.Framework.Repositories.IRepository's EntityFramework implementation.
Generic Repository for MVC 5 and EntityFramework 6.1 with built-in security logging.
Boilerplate testing library.
Boilerplate unit of work and generic repository pattern for mongodb.
Pooka.Repo A simple CQRS repository