Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Generate the recaptcha for your form and validated it. 1-create Account in google recaptcha 2-get publickey/privatekey 3-set key in webconfig : ReCaptchaPrivateKey / ReCaptchaPublicKey 4- add "@using GenRecaptcha" in your View 5- add htmlhelper in the view: 5-1- @Html.recaptcha() 5-2- @Html.Va...
My package description.
This is package will render HTML for any DataTable
HTML to XSL-FO converter
HtmlKit is a cross-platform .NET framework for parsing HTML.
A library to support a custom configuration section in ASP.NET applications that use the ScriptX Add-on for Internet Explorer to deliver controlled printing on client PCs. The configuration section describes the code downloads available and optional ScriptX licensing.
An html parsing library written using sprache
A set of conventions which can be applied to html files
Gumbo - A pure-C HTML5 parser.
Create Strongly-Typed HTML components in c#
Original decisions specific Html model for db.
NestedHtmlWriter is a class library for generate html files by nested using statement of C#.
A video player build upon the html 5 video tag that supports playback of subtitles. Supported formats (currently): SubStationAlpha (ass) & SubRip (srt)
Package description
HTML 5 Controls for ASP
Layouts is Javascript/Typescript library that allows web developers build complex UI in HTML5 using a Xaml derived markup. Github repository and help online: Tutorial: ...
Общие методы облегчающие некоторые действия с HTML элементами.