Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

HTML Helper for creating pagination using Bootstrap.
Northwind Starter Kit VIsual Basic
Northwind Starter Kit
Simple HTML parser
Strongly-typed single-page web application development in C#.
Simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the JavaScript Fullscreen API, which lets you bring the page or any element into fullscreen. Smoothens out the browser implementation differences, so you don't have to.
DataBind is a simple javascript function that facilitates binding Data from a JSON object to a HTML template. The objective of this script is to enable using templates without introducing any new or invalid syntax and without dictating the way you structure your application. All you need is a single...
A .NET library to convert Html to JavaScript.
A Bootstrap Themed select HTML Helper for MVC.
Simple MVC custom html helpers (for use in training)
Update HTML Lightswtich projects with the javascript files needed for the Spursoft LightSwitch HTML Extension.
HTML Inspector is a highly-customizable, code quality library written in JavaScript to help you write better markup. It aims to find a balance between the uncompromisingly strict W3C validator and having absolutely no rules at all (the unfortunate reality for most of us).
Convert Rtf string to Html using Devexpress
Convert Rtf to Html using Dev express
Rtf To Html Using Devexpress
Rtf To Html Using Devexpress
Awesomium is a HTML UI engine for C#
Awesomium is a HTML UI engine for C#
Pure Javascript framework - unobtrusive MVVM. Full-fledged framework including ajax, routing, validation, scripts/styles dynamic loading, module management. The outstanding points are unobstrusiveness, performance, lightweight, easy to learn, easy to extend controls.
A html preprocessor which allows you to write html code using a beautiful syntax