Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Simple, elegant HTML5 templates.
Visual Studio LightSwitch is a RAD tool for developing LOB applications. lsWires contains the additional wiring to allow you to create professional applications with minimal effort. lsWires is also a great learning tool for working with LightSwitch.
Расширения для управляемой и быстрой выкачки контента из сети.
HtmlHelper for using jQuery.GoogleMaps plugin on ASP.NET MVC pages
Fluent Html Helper for ASP.NET MVC
ASP.NET MVC5 template for MarkdownWeb Open MarkdownWebController in Controllers folder once installed.
Fork of
Various Web Optimization Extensions, allowing for "asset pipeline"-type transformations.
Creates email messages from localized files or text strings using Razor templating engine.
Allows flash access of tempdata in controllers and views
Fizzler for .NET Core
LINQ library for manipulating HTML
Provides HtmlHelpers for the FontAwesome CSS framework.
Html to Pdf implementation using PhantomJS backend service
A MVC/Web Api action filter library for maintenance message handling.
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A jQuery grid plugin based on jQueryui widget design.
WPF drawing backend for LiteHtmlSharp