Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Library allows you to extract different data from text or web sources, analyze text content, extract different information and write your own data mining & extracting applications and services.
Create Html reports from your NUnit tests This is a translation from NUnit2ReportTask.cs ( The purpose is to create a Console version from: "NUnit2ReportTask"
CoffeeScript is a little language that compiles into JavaScript.
This is a simple and fast JavaScript library to convert Json format data to standard HTML Table
Replacement/placeholder for System.Web
Includes the runtime environment and themes for Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML applications
Replacement/placeholder for System.Web
Exports List<T> into CSV/HTML/Word/Excel/PDF
HTML Area tags parser
Dable is simple and elegant. It has ZERO dependencies and works in IE 8+
Adds an ActiveReports report viewer screen to Visual Studio LightSwitch HTML applications.
Simple HTML parser
HtmlTextBlock is a light-weighted WPF control that allow you to display rich text, by translating html like tags into TextBlock.Inlines.
A .NET library to convert Html to JavaScript.
DataBind is a simple javascript function that facilitates binding Data from a JSON object to a HTML template. The objective of this script is to enable using templates without introducing any new or invalid syntax and without dictating the way you structure your application. All you need is a single...
Strongly-typed single-page web application development in C#.
generate html using razor template engine.
WinForms and console tools for querying HTML documents based on open source libraries Fizzler and HTML Agility Pack
A html preprocessor which allows you to write html code using a beautiful syntax
A bundled copy of wkhtmltox.dll for use with TuesPechkin.