Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

Interactivly explore query your Hive database
DEPRECATED: Please use FSharp.Azure.Storage instead. A library that provides an idiomatic F# API for Microsoft Azure services.
An F# type provider for DBpedia, allowing you to browse and query Wikipedia knowledge in a strongly typed way
LITEQ is a type provider for RDF data / SPARQL endpoints. It features a property based type provider intended to work with SPARQL endpoints that don't provide any schema and NPQL, the node path query language, that provides a simple graph traversal based query language that gets translated into SPAR...
(Deprecated) Lint tool for F#. * For the MSBuild task see: * For the FAKE task see: * For the API see:
FSharp.Karma is a library to emulate higher kinded types and Scalaz-style type classes.
Express just how dissapointed you are in the code with attributes.
The design and implementation of this package is described in the F# Journal article "Universal Reflection":
MiniJson aims to be a functionally idiomatic, conforming ( and performing JSON (de)serializer that provides decent error reporting on parse failures.
Arrowized FRP for F#.
Micro library inspired by F# single case discriminated unions. Create primitive domain concepts in C# with one line.
An F# wrapper for GraphViz
An F# wrapper for GraphViz
A powerful library of immutable and persistent data structures for the .NET platform.
A Simple Predictive Text library
Client for remote console of IL-2 Sturmovik's dedicated server.
A simple predictive text library
A Simple Predictive Text Library
The console of FSharpApiSearch.
Simple predictive text library