Top 20 NuGet F# Packages

uhura does the thing!
JavaScript library built with Fable + FSharp
EDN does the thing!
Package Description
Simple CQRS on F# (F-Sharp) 3.0 Based on Greg Young's Simple CQRS example. CQRS is Command and Query Responsibility Segregation -pattern. This is F# solution.
Bumblebee is an Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm developed in F#. The algorithm is a randomized search method that mimics the behavior of bee hives: it dispatches "bees" to search for new solutions or explore the neighborhood of known solutions, and allocates new searches based on the quality o...
F# (FSharp) based Windows Phone 7.5 software to answer the simple question: Where am I?
Silverlight 5 Chat, Full-duplex Publish-Subscribe -pattern on TCPIP concept demo (WCF F# and SL F#)
FSharp Web Crawler
FSharp Statistics Library
Example of SignalR with F-Sharp (and Silverlight 5 or Javascript): - SignalR is a library (for web-based Publish/Subscribe -pattern) on top of WebSockets, which is HTML5 API that enables bi-directional communication between the browser and server. SignalR will fallback to other techniques and...
3rd party tools
An asynchronous calculation framework for MVVM Models
A computation expression inspired by on railway programming
printIt and printAs for dotnet Fiddling
A simple JSON parser targeted specifically for F#. The parsed data is based on F# discriminated unions, and support construction of F# record types.
Type-safe access to mime types and mappings from their file extensions.
A type provider that generates type-safe handlers and builders for URLs.
A simple OAuth library in F#