Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Implementation of migration context of DbMigrator for Npgsql
Simple migration for databases on .NET
This library helps to convert sql query result to JSON. This can help if your database does not provide such a feature (e.g. Oracle). The mapping can be configured with a nice fluent interface.
Database abstractions library for Incoding Framework
Microsoft SQL Server database provider for Yamo.
SQLite database provider for Yamo.
A slim yet powerful ORM layer.
Performs convertion, cleaning and transformation operations over database files.
Writes lightly-structured MySqlConnector logging output to NLog.
Web client implementation for UChainDB
General JsonRpc implementation for UChainDB
Cryptography library for UChainDB
Base contracts for UChainDB
For users of CodexFramework V1.0, this package offers a way to change less code when migrating to use CodexMicroORM as a replacement framework.
Cryptography library of EcDsa Secp256k1 for UChainDB
A fork of the Couchbase Lite 1.4 ( modified for use with Xamarin and PredixSDK
.NET client for Neo4j Graph Database
This is an extension for DbKeeperNet allowing usage of log4net 1.2.11+ with new public token as a logger
The OpenAccess.Glimpse NuGet package provides OpenAccess ORM profiling.
Oracle Databases (<12.1) do not know identity columns. Therefore the auto increment with the generated *.edmx files does not work. This package offers a patch to change the specified columns in the project's *.edmx files to identity columns.