Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Solve expressions with SQL like syntax
Provides extension methods dealing with transactions and affected rows.
Simple scripted database migrations (not only) for MS SQL Server, using NPoco.
Cake AddIn that packages multiple SQL Scripts into one file to speed up deployment and minimize the probability of errors.
High-performance ADO.NET object mapper.
MS Sql Server connection provider for SimpleNet.Core.Data
Relational databases based event store implementation
Queries.Core Class Library
This package help you to Continue with SQL Server Without worrying about Command or connection ..
Usado para fazer facilmente o "Parse" do DataReader para ClassObject
Runs SQL before and after a unit test
Allows you to install templates which can help you to use EasyQuery components in your ASP.NET Core project: create new controllers and views, add necessary script files, etc.
Contains Microsoft SQL Server adapter for Dccelerator.DataAccess ORM.
MsSql Provider for ObjectStore Class Library
NQuery is a relational query engine that allows executing a SELECT query against in-memory objects. It can use arrays, data sets, data tables or any other custom data source. NQuery is completely extensible so that you can add custom functions, aggregates, constants and parameters.
MiniProfiler: Profiler storage for SQL Server
This package contains easy-to-use SQL query execution helper inside your C# program. Simple, fluent and powerful SQL helpers. Execute queries or stored procedure along wth SQLParameters and SQLCredentials, just the way you would do using SQLClient library, but without worrying about opening or closi...
Contains Oracle database adapter for Dccelerator.DataAccess ORM.
thewall9 CMS Libraries.
Contains SSISTester framework with samples.