Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

德塔互联网工作室第二代核心类库,封装了桌面、Web、数据库访问、网络通信、缓存、日志等一些快捷方法和常用工具类。 特别针对数据库操作进行了抽象封装,屏蔽对调用者不同数据库的变化,使用抽象SQL语句可以一次编写多数据库执行。
The WebDbConnector is a .NET library used to create and maintain only an unique connection to the database per request in the Asp.Net web applications.
Database version manager core library.
1、公共组件。提供应用配置、日志、缓存、序列化、加解密、扩展方法、AOP、IOC、MEF、动态编译等。 2、数组组件。提供数据库操作、实例配置、批量插入、SQL语法、数据架构、数据分页、参数化查询等,同时支持Oracle/SqlServer/MySQL/SQLite数据库。 3、实体组件。提供实体定义、数据上下文、LINQ查询、树持久化、数据验证等。 您还可以获取以下组件来增强您的应用开发: 更多内容...
Integration of Kerosene ORM 7.4.1 with Asp.Net Identity 2.2.1.
Simplified dataaccess layer with Enterprise Library's Sql Accessor Implementation. Please visit for more information
SQL Context it is micro-ORM for simple mapping your sql queries and database tables to VB and C# classes. The library has some special features that provide the flexibility to configure the mapping
Library for easy calling and getting result of execution of stored procedures.
Spartacus is a database connection and reporting engine written in C#.
K4GDW.RoundhousE is a fork based on version of the original app that is part of the Chuck Norris Framework. The only difference is the rh.exe supports a command line switch "/backup=[true|false]" to have Sql Server take a full backup of the database before it does anything else.
Client Library for Sqline Framework
Provides local database access components and offline changes functionality to your Crosslight apps.
Lightweight ODBC wrapper around the .Net System.Data.Odbc. Simplifies most ODBC operations down to one method call.
My commonly used utilities library.
Provides classes that use the Moq mocking framework. This provides easy mock setup, tracking of command executions, including parameter values.
Provides execution plan testing for SqlServer. This allows you to unit test the `CommandBuilder.CommandText` property by actually sending it to the database and running an explain plan.
Provide a set of tools to work with Neo4j
DotNet.Core database connector for MSSQL with ADO.
Provides execution plan testing for Sqlite. This allows you to unit test the `CommandBuilder.CommandText` property by actually sending it to the database and running an explain plan.
It has the core interfaces and classes which are being implement by SimpleAccess ORM