Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

1、公共组件。提供应用配置、日志、缓存、序列化、加解密、扩展方法、AOP、IOC、MEF、动态编译等。 2、数组组件。提供数据库操作、实例配置、批量插入、SQL语法、数据架构、数据分页、参数化查询等,同时支持Oracle/SqlServer/MySQL/SQLite数据库。 3、实体组件。提供实体定义、数据上下文、LINQ查询、树持久化、数据验证等。 您还可以获取以下组件来增强您的应用开发: 更多内容...
.NET bindings for the Redis C client Hiredis.
Micro document database with a focus on visibility & simplicity. The same 35kb dll is used for: - Saving data to text file(s) locally - Optionally hosting and connecting to a HTTP Embark server - Optional runtime-only persistence for unit testing/mocks - Doesn't force any ID or [Attribute] conven...
Simple open source library to store application settings. Supports files and MS SQL Server.
FileDb is a free to use simple NoSQL database for .NET RT - Stores one table per file, including its index - Extremely small size DLL - Encryption fully supported - easily encrypt your data - Supports field types Int, UInt, Bool, String, Byte, Float, Double and DateTime and also arrays of the same ...
Make any plain, boring data file into an awesome, queryable table...
Provides database-related convenience/helper methods.
Provides a mostly default implementation of a Spritely.Cqrs read model JSON database on top of SQL Server.
SQL generation for performing actions in SQL without pulling records into memory
A user type convention which sets sql type for enums
BassUtils for .Net - argument validators, FileUtils, IDataReader, IDataRecord, ConfigurationLoader, extensions etc.
The WebDbConnector is a .NET library used to create and maintain only an unique connection to the database per request in the Asp.Net web applications.
An implementation of the Tcl scripting language. This package is built with options that make it more suitable for use with Mono. Features specific to Windows and/or the .NET Framework will be unavailable.
A class library for querying and manipulating Microsoft SQL databases.
A class library for querying and manipulating Oracle databases.
德塔互联网工作室第二代核心类库,封装了桌面、Web、数据库访问、网络通信、缓存、日志等一些快捷方法和常用工具类。 特别针对数据库操作进行了抽象封装,屏蔽对调用者不同数据库的变化,使用抽象SQL语句可以一次编写多数据库执行。
Helpers for execute ADO Queries
Library for easy calling and getting result of execution of stored procedures.
Simplified dataaccess layer with Enterprise Library's Sql Accessor Implementation. Please visit for more information
Fody add-in for weaving database unit testing code.