Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Package Description
An ETL Framework
Database utilities
Migration manager
Like the .NET StringBuilder, the TinySql SqlBuilder is a small and fast object-oriented SQL statement builder
Sql fluent command API
JUnit Orm Framework
jui_datagrid is an Ajax-enabled jQuery plugin, useful to manipulate database data in tabular format. Fully customizable, simple but powerful API, jQuery themes compatible, localization support. It has a modular design, so it is using jui_pagination plugin for paging and jui_filter_rules plugin for s...
This is an extension for DbKeeperNet allowing usage of log4net 1.2.11+ with new public token as a logger
cassandra-sharp-contrib is a collection of extensions for cassandra-sharp: * log4net appender * cassandra-sharp ILogger See for more information.
Virtual Object DataBase
Catel.Extensions.EntityFramework5 library which provides data classes such as repositories, unit of work, DbContextManager and more.
A provider that allows caching Entity Framework queries and updates.
This package contains Microsoft SQL Server implementations of the Event-Sourceing storage for the abstract AggregateRoot.
MS SQL HierarchyId methods support for NHibernate
Contributed addons for the RavenDB Client Libraray
Cojecto is a semantic database built for Windows 8 Store Apps and .NET 4.5 applications. Cojecto has full SPARQL support and you can load data from several file formats or natively. Cojecto is a very high performance semantic database. Cojecto conforms to the new async/await pattern req...
Application assemblies for the Correspondence collaboration framework. Add the package Correspondence.App for source files.
MVC application template for the Correspondence collaboration framework. Add the package Correspondence.Web.App for source files.
DensoDB is a new NoSQL document database. Written for .Net environment in c# language. It run in-process so you does not need any configuration or installation.