Top 20 NuGet Database Packages

Conjunto de classes e metodos para facilitar a vida dos desenvolvedores.
Sample source code using Oracle NoSQL database client driver
This package provides an integration with Actipro's SyntaxEditor so that you can author queries very easily. This includes code completion, parameter info and syntax highlighting.
This package provides additional UI controls for query authoring including a show plan control to visualize the execution plan similar to Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio as well as a browser control to explore the scope of a query or expression.
Reporting service app built using f#. Intended as an alternative to SSRS
Fluid-style SQL statement generator
A contribution to the Microsoft EntityFramework
Support for simple database migrations for Oracle.
Core utility to access and manage HoxDB (Hybrid Backend as a Service).
CouchDBClient is a framework for working with CouchDB from .NET code. It abstracts and simplifies the usage of CouchDB, so that you can easily use it from your application code. All the complexity of working with plain json and http request/responses is burried under the framework. You will be able ...
SqlCommand and Reader Helpers
Sqlite provider for DbSession.
Fluent, XML-less, compile safe, automated, convention-based mappings for NHibernate.
Light weight, high performance ORM for simple and robust data access for large scale applications
The official SQLite database engine for both x86 and x64 along with the ADO.NET provider. This package includes support for LINQ and Entity Framework 6.
Easily build filters for use in Lambda Expressions. Make it easy to turn WebApi requests parameters into expressions. Great features such as; save and re-run those filters, make complex expressions and more!
Sqlite provider for Storm.
Super-Tiny ORM framework.
Sqlite provider for DbSession.
Dapper extensions for sdmap.