Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

Package Description
A library for easy access to File based databases such as Microsoft Access, flat files or Excel Spreadsheets.
Package Description
Classes to read and write “.csv” files including reading or appending a single field or row at a time.
Lightweight CSV Parser
.NET library for reading and writing CSV files.
DSharp CSV Helper With this package you can write attributes above your class like: [CsvDelimiter("|")] and above fields: [CsvFormat("yyyyMMdd")] [CsvLength(8)] [CsvFormat("0.00")] [CsvIgnore] Afterwards you can write it: var writer = new Csv...
Package Description
Library for loading csv, tsv or other regularly shaped files guess-separated-values.
AnyCSV - Process ANY delimited string.
The CSV specifies which files you need to enable or disable to configure each server type, such as content delivery or content management servers. Source -
CSV-Dateien einlesen und schreiben.
My package description.
An addon library for JoshuaKearney.Measurements that provides converters for the CSVHelper library
Adds file support for TestData.Interface. Source is here -
A library that makes it easy to import csv files data
A simple .NET Library for CSV-File access.
Soarus Parser for CSV feed files.
Efficient way to move generic lists in and out of CSV files.
The GenericParser is a robust C# implementation of a parser for delimited and fixed width format files. It provides a variety of features (ex. custom delimiters, text qualifiers, loading/saving configuration from XML, and many more), performant, and thoroughly tested.