Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

CsvHelper integration nodes for EtlLib: A simple ETL framework for .NET.
Nukepayload2.Csv is a cross-platform Csv String <==> .NET Object converter. Commonly Used members: Nukepayload2.Csv.CsvConvert.SerializeObject Nukepayload2.Csv.CsvConvert.DeserializeObject Supported types in csv columns: System.String System.DateTime System.Int32 System.Int64 System.Single System.Do...
LocalizationExtension is a really easy way to localize any type of DependencyProperties or native Properties on DependencyObjects This package is signed with strong named. Public Key Token da17a8a04a0e3b31
Provides types such as: * `GeoNames` with two enums: `Country` (all world countries) and `State` (US and Canada states). `GeoNames` works with these and provides for instance dictionaries and lists which provide lookups (etc) of all country names with their abbreviations, and the same for states....
Serialize and deserialize easly from and to CSV.
A small library to create file importers using a fluent syntax.
Lightweight entity framework for SQL / CSV and XML operations
Provides base classes for handling CSV files (plain, gzipped or zipped) for IP2Country
DbShell - CSV file format support.
Package Description
This libraries sole purpose is take an input and convert into CSV compliant output. It also now supports deserialising CSV data into both generic models as well as speciffied models. Future additions will include writing to file & the ability for the user to select the fields to be shown.
Lightweight and implementation-free interfaces for DTO's, providers and adapters.
EPPlus extension that contains many useful utils for better controll of your excle package.
SheetToObjects is a library which aims to provide developers with an easy solution to map sheets (Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, csv) to a model/POCO.
NExportToExcell is a Library to expoert any list objects to a csv or excell file.
Class library for working with common data formats and files.
A library of utilities usable across all types of .NET applications (WPF, WinForms, ASP.NET, console, service, etc.). Available utilities are: XmlUtilities, AssemblyUtilities, IOUtilities, ConvertUtilities, JsonUtilities, CommandLineUtilities, WizardForm, RibbonControl, DockPanel, EditableUri, Unive...
Library to read and write CSV format according to RFC4180. Can be used in strongly named projects.
Epicycle .NET commons library. Contains various utilities, file system abstraction, reporting and more. Used by other Epicycle packages. * Details & release notes: * Sources:
Create Excel spreadsheets for Office 97/2003 or Office 2007+ on the fly with an easy to use .NET library. No 3rd party dependencies. No Microsoft Office Excel dependencies. The ExpertXLS Excel Library for .NET can be linked into any type of .NET project, either ASP.NET web sites or Windows Forms a...