Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

FlatFile.Delimited is fast-working open-source library for delimeted plain files such as cvs and etc.
FlatFile.FixedLength is fast-working open-source library for reading/writing fixed-length plain files
Core library for FlatFile.[name].Attributes assemblies
Adds OpenXML support to DoddleReport. The currently supported format is Excel and is more robust than the default ExcelReportWriter in DoddleReport.
Easily retrieve data from spreadsheets and csv files by using LINQ
Text Data Input/Output Extensions for Math.NET Numerics, the numerical foundation of the Math.NET project, aiming to provide methods and algorithms for numerical computations in science, engineering and every day use.
Toxy is a .NET data/text extraction framework similar to Apache Tika in Java. It supports a lot of popular formats such as docx, xlsx, xls, pdf, csv, txt, epub, html and so on.
ByteScout Text Recognition SDK for .NET, and ActiveX/COM - recognizes text from scanned documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
Core library for FluentFiles assemblies
TableIO provides same interaface for reading and writing csv, excel(xls, xlsx) and other table format content.
Provides extensions to use KBCsv with types in System.Data. Online at
Provides generally useful extensions to KBCsv as a Portable Class Library. Online at
Small library for parsing and generating CSV files.
DbShell - CSV file format support.
Csv utilities.
Csv file format.
Free and Open Source fork of ServiceStack V3 Binaries for the NServiceKit framework.
Machete is a parser, object mapper, and query engine for processing sophisticated text
NExportToExcell is a Library to expoert any list objects to a csv or excell file.
The GenericParser is a robust C# implementation of a parser for delimited and fixed width format files. It provides a variety of features (ex. custom delimiters, text qualifiers, loading/saving configuration from XML, and many more), performant, and thoroughly tested.