Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

MigraDoc documents renderer to CSV format file.
MigraDoc documents renderer to CSV format file.
Common Utilities. CSV
A toolkit that provides a lightweight starter kit for using the Repository pattern for storing entities in an csv formatted file.
ASP.NET Core MVC CSV formatter.
Make CSVs easier for any object (reference types) or any built in .Net type(strings, ints, booleans, etc), using any enumerable(custom Enumerables, any Collection, any Set, etc).
.NET's fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers (3x faster than JSON.NET). Fast, Light, Resilient. Benchmarks at: Includes the String and Stream functionality for all the StackExpress projects including: - T.Dump() generic extension me...
Install in .NET Core 2.1 App and call `NetCoreMemory.Configure()` on Startup to have ServiceStack.Text delegate to use .NET Core App's native System.Memory Span APIs.
FlatFile.Delimited is fast-working open-source library for delimeted plain files such as cvs and etc.
FlatFile.FixedLength is fast-working open-source library for reading/writing fixed-length plain files
TypeScript Definitions (d.ts) for csv-stringify. Generated based off the DefinitelyTyped repository [git commit: 3af0c338b96d067e6f82e170c0be7553a0b58043].
Angara.Table is a .NET library that provides types representing plain tables. It allows loading and saving tables using text delimited formats (CSV) and facilitates operations on tables.
CSV Layout for log4net
Class library for working with common data formats and files.
Text Data Input/Output Extensions for Math.NET Numerics, the numerical foundation of the Math.NET project, aiming to provide methods and algorithms for numerical computations in science, engineering and every day use.
Core library for FlatFile.[name].Attributes assemblies
Toxy is a .NET data/text extraction framework similar to Apache Tika in Java. It supports a lot of popular formats such as docx, xlsx, xls, pdf, csv, txt, epub, html and so on.
Provides generally useful extensions to KBCsv as a Portable Class Library. Online at
Readers and writers for CSV and fixed-length file formats. Supports both synchronous and asynchronous operation, data annotations, and wicked fast object serialization.
Free and Open Source fork of ServiceStack V3 Binaries for the NServiceKit framework.