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This project is a cross platform library for Xamarin, which enables a handy use of localization in your applications.
iTin Export Engine Core, contains a tab-separated values (txt), comma-seprated values (csv), XML spreadsheet 2003 (xml) and SQL Script (sql) native writers
Easy coding of csv parsing. This NuGet package adds easy to use csv features.
Easy coding of csv parsing. This NuGet package adds easy to use csv features.
The ExcelProvider loads an Excel worksheet or CSV file and provides column definition and row collections. All collections are IEnumerable so you can query them with LINQ. The ExcelProvider supports XLSX (Excel 2007-2016, v12-v16), XLS (Excel 97-2003, v8-v11) and CSV (comma, semicolumn or tab delimi...
(Super) fast serializer for CSV-files. No explicit mapping to columns needed. Displaynames can be specified, to map to different property names.
A free and easy CSV importing and exporting library with XML definition support written in VB.Net. Please see sources, samples & documentation at project site:
This is a helper library that is used by many other xSkrape components.
This project helps you to read and write CSV (Comma Separated Values) files in your program. Those files are legacy, but many developers still use them because of their readability and because every sheet-calculation program can perfectly edit them. With the classes in this project you can read/...
Read and write CSV files with a single line of code. Reads from files, streams, strings into lists, dictionaries, lists of objects and data tables. Writes from lists of objects or data tables to files, streams, and strings. Handles embedded commas, double quotes, escaped commas, and columns that spa...
Parse your CSV file into an object matrix
Facilitates reading and writing Csv files in a fairly simple way. Attempting to do most things automatically.
GM.CsvToObj.Lib is an easy to use library allowing the parsing of a CSV file and its conversion to a list of strongly typed objects. This is done by mapping the properties of the object to the position in the CSV
Utility to tail a CSV log file, or a folder containing CSV log files. Exposes results as an IObservable<LogRecord>. Supports detecting new files, and only tailing from previous position.
Fast CSV parser that uses lambas to create data objects.
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CsvFile Kata Dependencies
Permite usar CSV para los reportes.
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A .NET library providing fast and easy de/serialization of arbitrary column-based text data.