Top 20 NuGet Csv Packages

The CData CSV Data Provider allows you to display CSV files in a table format. Just specify your credentials to retrieve CSV data and display it in a table.
Olive Framework
Read data from strings in XML/JSON/YAML/CSV formats into a tree structure. Create data nodes manually and serialize it back to those formats.
Open source libary for easy reading, writing, and manipulation of CSV files. This handles linq to CSV, creating tables from IEnumerable<T>, dictionaries, in-memory mutable tables, streaming through large tables. It also includes basic data table operations like join, histogram, and filter duplic...
Simple csv .Net Standard 2.0 parser library. It parses a csv string file into generic strogly typed IEnumerable. It also serializes a flat object to csv string.
Power tools for data stream processing in .NET.
Pnyx brings all of your favorite unix file transform tools like grep, sed and awk to your preferred programming language.
This libraries sole purpose is take an input and convert into CSV compliant output. It also now supports deserialising CSV data into both generic models as well as speciffied models.
Package Description
C# extension library for input/output operations and data management.
-easy reading an writing data -supported formats: Csv, Fixed, Sql, Xml, Excel, Access, ADO (Oracle SqlServer, PostGre,...) -supports streaming an pipelining
Syncfusion Essential XlsIO is a .NET Standard Excel library that allows to create, read, and edit Excel files in .NET core application without Microsoft Office dependencies. Key features: • Easily import and export data from/to common business objects. • Performs quick evaluation with 400+ function...
Extreme Optimization Numerical Libraries for .NET F# interface library.
Retrieve logs from a WADLogsTable and write them to a CSV file.
A simple CSV parser based on Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileIO.TextFieldParser.
A minimal CSV and TSV parsing library with minimal dependencies. Compatible with most dot net versions.
A very simple CSV library
Devshed CSV Library
Serialize and deserialize easly from XDocument, XmlDocument and CSV.
Syncfusion’s pivot grid converter for UWP is a .NET library designed exclusively for reading pivot grid component values and converting them into various document formats such as Excel, PDF, CSV, and Word. Learn more: Documentation: https://help.s...