Top 20 NuGet Packages

.Net Framework 安装此版本, 最低要求 .Net Framework 4.6 | 最低要求 .Net Framework 4.5 | 4.0-4.9.11 最低要求 .Net Framework 4.0+
A framework for building JSON:API compliant REST APIs using ASP.NET and Entity Framework Core. Includes support for Atomic Operations. The ultimate goal of this library is to eliminate as much boilerplate as possible by offering out-of-the-box features such as sorting, filtering and pagination. You ...
A library to provide access to session storage in Blazor applications
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore3 contains one ASP.NET Core 3.1+ Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
BundleTransformer.SassAndScss contains one translator-adapter - `SassAndScssTranslator`. This adapter makes translation of Sass and SCSS code to CSS code by using the Dart Sass Host for .NET. Also contains the `SassAndScssAssetHandler` debugging HTTP handler, which is responsible for text output of ...
ASP.NET Core middleware to transpile JavaScript via Babel. Please refer to project site ( for full installation instructions, usage examples and sample code
WebMarkupMin.AspNetCore2 contains one ASP.NET Core 2.X Middleware - `WebMarkupMinMiddleware`.
A runtime bundler and minifier for ASP.NET Core
Syncfusion licensing is a .NET library for validating the registered Syncfusion license in an application at runtime. The Syncfusion license must be registered in an application when using the Syncfusion evaluation build or NuGet package assemblies. Documentation:
Huge dictionary of file extensions to mime types
ReactJS and Babel tools for ASP.NET Core, including ASP.NET Core MVC. Please refer to project site ( for full installation instructions, usage examples and sample code
ASP.NET Core InputFormatter, OutputFormatter for Protobuf
A typeahead component for Blazor applications
C# PDF library to create, edit, draw and print PDF files. Docotic.Pdf is the .NET PDF library for .NET Core, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, Xamarin, Blazor, Unity, and HoloLense applications. Use Docotic.Pdf to: * Create PDF documents using Canvas API. * Generate PDF reports, invoices, etc. using the ...
.Net Core3.1 .Net5 .Net6 .Net7 .Net8 安装此版本,好用的ORM框架 ,支持国外主流和国产人大金仓达梦 OceanBase GaussDB QuestDb ClickHouse Oracle MySql Gbase8s SqlServer Sqlite 等, 使用教程:
SpreadsheetGear Engine for .NET enables developers for .NET, .NET Framework, .NET Core, iOS, Android, Linux, macOS and UWP to easily take advantage of scalable Excel Reporting, comprehensive Excel compatible charting APIs, the fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculations and more using th...
JavaScript logging package that lets you log exceptions, AJAX timeouts and other client side events in your server side log. Supports .Net Core 2.0+ only. For ASP.NET 4.x (.Net 4.5.2+), install version 2.30.0 of this package.
Integration library for ASP.NET Core for Simple Injector.
ASP.NET Core Identity Integration for IdentityServer4
Kartris is a free, open source cart system optimized for performance and capable of handling 1,000,000+ SKUs out of the box