Top 20 NuGet analytics Packages

Elastic APM .NET Agent base package. This package provides core functionality for transmitting of all Elastic APM types and is a dependent package for all other Elastic APM package. Additionally this package contains the public Agent API that allows you to manually capture transactions and spans. Pl...
Elastic APM for ASP.NET Core. This package contains auto instrumentation for ASP.NET Core. See:
Elastic APM .NET agent. This is a convenient package that automatically pulls in ASP.NET Core, and Entity Framework Core auto instrumentation with the Elastic APM .NET Agent. If your application uses the Microsoft.AspNetCore.All package the easiest way to reference the Elastic APM project is to use ...
Elastic APM .NET Agent. This package offers integration with Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.IHostBuilder for agent registration
This is the Branch Xamarin SDK for Android, iOS.
Serilog event sink that writes to Azure Analytics
Elastic APM for Entity Framework Core. This package contains auto instrumentation for Entity Framework Core. See:
Elastic APM for System.Data.SqlClient and Microsoft.Data.SqlClient. This package contains auto instrumentation for SqlClient. See:
Elastic APM for the Elasticsearch .NET clients. See:
The .NET API for analytics, by Segment. Install and immediately send data to 150+ analytics and business intelligence tools with the flip of a switch.
Hosting Startup of Microsoft Application Insights for Kubernetes
Algolia is a powerful search-as-a-service solution, made easy to use with API clients, UI libraries, and pre-built integrations. Algolia API Client for the .NET framework lets you easily use the Algolia Search REST API from your .NET code.
Kubernetes support for .NET Core
The Pendo SDK for Android apps based on Xamarin. The Pendo platform allows product owners to track user behavior and deliver personal experiences through highly targeted native in-app surveys, guides, and announcements.
GoogleAnalyticsTracker - A C# library for tracking Google Analytics.
This package contains functionalities to collect session, device properties, events etc… for your application.
An assembly for standardised Azure Key Vault, Azure Log Analytics, and Azure Management processes across services.
Elastic APM for ASP.NET Full Framework. This package contains auto instrumentation for ASP.NET Full Framework. See: for setup
Pendo internal usage only. Use pendo-xamarin-forms NuGet.
The all-in-one marketing solution for the Umbraco CMS