Top 20 NuGet analytics Packages

The Google Analytics Measurement Protocol allows developers to make HTTP requests to send raw user interaction data directly to Google Analytics servers with Dotnet. This allows developers to measure how users interact with their business from almost any environment.
TestFairy is a powerful app testing platform which helps iOS developers send their apps to testers and provides videos that show exactly what happened on the client side during the test. When testing mobile apps in the crowd, you never know what exactly was done and if there was a problem, what...
This channel provides a peristant channel to Application Insights that will preserve telemetry in offline scenarios. This is a dependent package, for a best experience please install the platform specific package.
Signed Xamarin Google Play Services - Analytics assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
The .net client for the ThisData API. Get contextual authentication and suspicious login detection for your apps
Data transformation and anaytics library - Azure Storage Table and FlatFile Storage
Keen IO is an analytics API for modern developers. Track any event: signups, upgrades, impressions, purchases, powerups, errors, shares... Keen IO stores events in arbitrary JSON format, automatically ingesting any new events and rich custom properties you send. Our elegant query APIs make it straig...
C# Library for Chatbase Intergration
The pendo SDK for apps based on Xamarin. The pendo platform allows product owners to track user behavior and deliver personal experiences through highly targeted native in-app surveys, guides, and announcements.
Signed Xamarin Firebase - Analytics Impl assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Signed Xamarin Firebase - Analytics assemblies for Intersoft Crosslight.
Package extending the dashboard capabilities of the Umbraco backoffice.
Wangkanai Analytics Core Module
Simple analytics for Umbraco.
Utitlity methods for working with DBContext. Resolve DBContext from EndPoint, create database, apply migrations, drop database.
Log4Net appender for exceptron
In-cloud exception aggregation and analytics.
Nlog target for exceptron
Analytics for Windows Phone provides mechanism for instrumenting an app with Google Analytics. You can track events, user device information, app version, and WP OS version. It also provides realtime tracking so you know how many people are using your app at this moment. Currently only Google Analy...
WebClient and HttpClient for Windows Phone and WinRT. Supports Wensus Analytics performance monitoring.